Monday, January 25, 2010


When I say something like, “It’s totally crazy that our water comes into the house through an above ground hose that looks pretty much like a basic garden hose,” Eric will say, “Well you should see the system in Ecuador!”

When I say, “Wow. That bus I rode the other day. It was pretty trashed, noisy and dirty.”
“You should see the busses in Ecuador!”

“It sure would be nice to have a car here.”
“Well. You wouldn’t have one of those in Ecuador. Hardly anyone has a car.”

“There really are people living in those shanties under the coconut trees. Can you believe it?”
“You kidding me? The housing is great here compared to Ecuador.”

“It’s just awful that petty theft is such a problem.”
“Well, at least they’re not coming at you with a machete. Like in......(you guessed it) Ecuador.”

“It is so hot here? We are all drenched in sweat! An air conditioner would be nice.”
“I don’t think I even sweat this much in Ecuador.”

And so I am pretty convinced. I am glad we are living in Tahiti NOT Ecuador. Even with all the sweating.

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  1. Love it! Just got an email from Luke forwarded from Petersons. Neat. It is a small world. We will be heading to Mada in 30 days and meeting Bennetts and Petersons. I love your blog:) . . . you have some great photo material----love those BOYS:) I didn't know Eric was working on Dengue fever! Luke wants to go into Public Health---WOW

  2. Ecuador as a vacation destination doesn't seem too appealing after reading your post.

  3. I just finished reading through all kinds of posts, trying to figure out what you guys are up to and all. Wow, what an adventure, if that´s what you want to call it. I think air conditioning is wonderful, even when some accuse me of having become so American. After leaving literal sweat puddles in Greece on my mission, I don´t see the point of sweating when it is preventable. And, I guess I should be glad I am not in Ecuador (though I wouldn´t mind visiting...).

  4. OR....

    "Man it's hot here! I wish I was in ECUADOR so I could just get on a bus and head up the Andes to somewhere cooler for the weekend!"

    "875 cfp for a box of cereal? Are you kidding me? In ECUADOR that would cost like a dollar!"

    "I'm sorry, but Papeete is just not an attractive city. You should have seen the colonial architecture in ECUADOR."

    "Where is all the wildlife? All the birds here are non-native species, and what else is there outside of the water?? Oh wait, the botanical gardens have those two tortoises from ECUADOR! Now THAT country has biodiversity."

    "I'm getting so sick of eating raw fish and taro roots. It was so much better in ECUADOR! Sure, they eat fish along the coast, but the also eat meat and potatoes and fresh fruits and vegetables! And the oranges don't cost $25 a bag!"

    "Man, this island is claustrophobic. One good day tour and you've been there and seen that. Wish I was in ECUADOR. You can spend years there and not see it all. From the steamy Amazon to the snow-capped Andes. From thirsty deserts to the humid Pacific coast. Oh, and don't forget the cloud forests."