Thursday, March 20, 2008

...on the Apricot tree

It's not popcorn popping everywhere anymore. Many of the trees are beginning to look like broccoli according to Benjamin.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Language of Brotherly Love?

This morning.
B: "I want a concrete mixer truck pancake. Isaac too."

This afternoon. Dylan eats Benjamin's paper boat inspired by Curious George.

Intermittent Isaac-terwauling from upstairs bedroom.

Eric investigates.
E: "What's going on here?" He looks down to see Benjamin laying perpendicular on the bed so that his legs are on top of Isaac.
B: "I'm TEASING Isaac!"
E: "No, Benjamin, don't tease Isaac."
B: "I LIKE teasing Isaac."
(Yes. That explains and justifies everything, right?)
E: "Don't tease Isaac. HE doesn't like it."

But at last peace. For now. For tonight. Certainly not indefinitely.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

It's beginning...

to smell like spring. Even Dylan noticed. Hooray!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

High Jinx at the High Museum

So, what do you get when you take a "bevy of children" (our greeting from another visitor) to an art museum? After you walk up all the four flights of the roaming ramp in the light-filled atrium and try to keep heads from going through the railings on the top floor, lots of "No, Isaac. Don't touch that Isaac. Stay with mom Isaac." Many understanding and mostly amused nods from staff and gray-haired onlookers living more leisurely life moments. And great joy rides on the glass elevator--by far the most impressive feature of the museum for the boys. But beyond mild Isaac wrestling, it was fun just to see what the guys would do in the world of art. It was definitely new to them. We played some perspective games and find what your eyes like most in and around romps under the benches and twirls in vast galleries. Benjamin always likes a good adventure to the land of skyscrapers and was only disappointed that we didn't end the day with a jaunt over to Ikea. He even grasped enough of the form and shape of the art museum to later recognize it in one of picture books about Atlanta. That made me happy. Isaac also got to do lots of touching and romping in a fun kid-centered learning center and we made a sun-catcher in the toddler craft room. I really liked a piece that a guy created by making a collage of items found in dump site that he formed to look like a portrait on the floor of an aircraft hanger. He then took an aerial picture of his elaborate grouping. Nifty. What could we make on the floor of our basement with our tossables? I also got to see my first Mark Rothko in person. I like those blocks of color. The O'Keefe exhibit was sweet too. I learned that she taught art to children for a time and was inspired by them. I relate. And I did wish a little bit that my art students would slow a little so I could gaze more intently. Some day the boys just might think it's cool that they looked a true Monet in the eye and saw larger than life posies. But for now, if Isaac could tell me in so many words, I think he'd be sure to vote for a construction site for our next field trip. Not a bad idea actually!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Flights of Fancy

Benjamin wanted to fly on a rocket ship to the moon for his birthday. So we did. He was very involved in all the preparations for our trip. He would pour over all the space/moon/rocket books we have from the library and then fill me in on all the details of what we needed. I had to reign him in a little on the space suit and equipment. But when he told me we needed a flag to put on the moon, that we could do and did. May he continue to reach for the stars every year of his life and take small and giant leaps of imagination.

Dinner Conversation

Benjamin: "I don't like looking at that."
Me: "What don't you like to look at?"
Benjamin: "That. On Dylan's spoon. On Dylan's face. In Dylan's bowl."
Me: "You mean his oatmeal?"
Benjamin: "Yeah. That."
Me: "How about I make you some of his oatmeal for breakfast."
Benjamin: Completely distressed look on his face.
Dylan: "Mmmmmm."