Sunday, October 11, 2009

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A Day with Dylan

Dylan wanted to invite you to spend a morning with him so he can show you his neighborhood and give you a feeling of what it is like for him to live in Tahiti.

The nice part of NOT being here on vacation is the chance to experience the ordinary living of a place. There are so many stories we have to tell of tsunami warnings and impromptu hikes into the mountains to get to high ground, of facing the intruders and of meeting new friends; of personal triumphs. Sometimes we're so busy with the living of it and the being of it that we are asleep long before the stories are repeated. But we are well, safe and doing more than surviving. When the soft sun of evening highlights the array of pinks on the hibiscus trees around the yard and we are laughing under the blue sky with the cartoon clouds, it is all that happy should be. All that we hoped.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bonjour Reva!


We love it when this boy from the house behind our back fence comes out from his gate and yells "Bonjour" over our side fence. Reva is exactly the kind of person we WANT to hop over our fence and play. He's like our own little secret garden kind of friend because we've lived side by side for a few months and he and my boys only just now discovered one another. We blame the fences.
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