Sunday, February 17, 2008




(But for official record keepers, it took Eric a full minute to get across the actual start line and he certainly stood out with his fully loaded double stroller among the men!)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Check That Off the List

RUN the REAGAN (Parkway)! It was one of those things that I thought I'd always like to try--just to know what it would be like. So today not only marked the two years of having an Isaac in my world to love, I also ran--yes RAN--my first 5K. That's pretty big for me--I hadn't really thought I could try it, until a friend gave me the right kind of encouragement. I generally don't find reasons to run, so I've never known the glory of the race. (Except for winning three-legged races with Leta at Primary track meets and beating the clock for BYU's Fitness for Life class to get my "A" time. Everything--even running--for that "A.") Besides the number five always sounded so daunting to me. Two of something. That sounds reasonable, but 5K? But then I got a better handle on my metrics and thought more about the distance being somewhere in between five and two in miles and I decided I might manage it. I knew I could walk it, but could I run it and how fast? So I got some new tennis shoes and got serious with my workouts. I have to say, it's pretty cool to cross a finish line! And I had my best time ever! Adrenalin rush!!! Not a bad way to celebrate two years of mothering Isaac and all the heavy lifting that has required.

Eric also amazed me today. He pushed Benjamin and Isaac in the jogging stroller and made great time with his sixty pounds plus of extra load up and down the hills. It was awesome to cheer my trio across the finish line. And the little birthday boy looked so sweet--fast asleep while Daddy jogged under the clock.

GO TEAM CHAMBERS. It's definitely a step (actually lots of steps) in the right direction...what's next on the list?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day with Three Under Three...

Six years ago today, we were blissfully planning a summer wedding with state border between us. Five years ago today, we were newlyweds shivering through our first South Bend winter together. Four years ago today, we were just two anxious excited weeks away from holding our own first bundle of baby. Three years ago, we were under a new roof thanks to the tree that fell on our little house in the woods. Two years ago, we were two days away from holding Isaac for the first time. And a year ago, no trees had fallen, we were enjoying a temperate winter in the South and we were excited about yet another little miracle in the making. And through our days and festivities, Uncle Richard's wedding present has picked up our crumbs and the dust of our comings and goings, given rides to toddlers who saw a horse and whirred accompaniment to our whirlwinds.

Until recently, when the fraying cord threatened sparking and our vacuum began to spit our offerings back at us.

So, ode to the vacuum that is officially dead today, and ode to the romance that isn't. Even with, because of and in spite of all the little people underfoot, in our arms, and very much in our hearts who have joined us in our journey. Even with, because of and in spite of all the crumbs, mess, and sparks that come from living and loving.

I do love that husband that understands that 12 amps of suction can warm my heart as much as 12 roses.